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Chronicle for September-2016
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My birthday
My heart is like a singing bird
Whose nest is on watered shoot
My heart is like an apple tree
Whose boughs are bent with thick set fruit
My heart is like a rainbow shell
That paddles in a halcyon sea
My heart is gladder than all these
Because my lace is come to me

Post By: ( Teacher)


How large unto the tiny fly

Must little things appear!

A rosebud like a feather bed,

Its prickle like a spear;


A dewdrop like a looking-glass,

A hair like a golden wire;

The smallest grain of mustard-seed

As fierce as coals of fire;


Post By: Name: SANSKRITI SINGH Class: 10 | Sec: F ( Student)


Teachers are like candle,

They help us make handle

They never take anybody’spart,

And love everyone fromthere heart

She tells us everythingright ,

And helps us make ourfuture bright

The way of life is a pathto success,

But without them

We cannot make it access,

They have knowledge ofthousand tons

We are there daughters aswell as sons,

They just tells us theway to move

We are the only who makethem prove,

They  are the one who make us wise

Since to them we all arenice,

They are unique and cannotbe sold

They have the power tomake us hold,

They are gifted to us bygod

For this we should bethankful to lord,

Please be thankful towhat you get

Teachers are the one whomwe never forget!!!

By Aditi

Post By: Name: ADITI ARUN SINGH Class: 9 | Sec: E ( Student)
Youth's Desire
Youth think that they can make the world better
Youth think that they can come together
Youth think that they can remove caste boundations.
Youth think that they cannot leave the world on the corrupt foundations
Youth think that they can live with a small job infact,
But they cannot leave the world, fighting for a place in that.
Youth think that religions separates them from living. Youth
think that education prepares them for a

Post By: ( Teacher)
The poem is about Mother. God cannot
be everywhere so he sent a Mother. This poem I
was composed by me on 17/ 8/ l l, my mother's
birthday. My eyes were filled with tears while
composing it. It is true that a mother Wants to
give all the comforts to her child. In my eyes
this poem is very inspiring. When my parents read the poem
they also started crying.


Mother is unique like

Post By: ( Teacher)
Life is race,Not easy to face
If you try to run at high speed
Medicines and bandages you would need
If you are too slow to run
Many are there to have at your expense, fun
You need to, a balance maintain
No matter how many days you sustain Once
you start you have to proceed.

Post By: ( Teacher)

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