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News Letter of April' 2016
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Our Faculty/ Facilitators - We take great care in selecting teachers who will facilitate the growth of the child. They are individuals with a flair for handling children and a dedication to match. We further train them in our methods and processes so that they fully appreciate our vision and aspirations in education. Our facilitators give personalized care in motivating the budding minds to explore, understand and learn so every Sunbeamian is able to handle day to day situations without any stress. This gives our children a strong foundation for life.

Simulated Play Corner - Learning aids used- costumes, puppets, dollhouses and role-play. Group activities allow children to develop social skills that encourage cooperation, communication and sharing. Children mimic the social roles they see in their surrounding environment.

Sand Pit /Splash Pool Area - Children understand concepts like gravity through usage of funnels, objects that sink and float. Shovels and pails in the sand pit develop finger dexterity along with sharing, social skills and creativity.

Creative Corner - Learning aids used - crayons, markers, paint, glue, collage material and clay. Motor skills are enhanced along with activities such as cutting, painting, rolling and molding clay. This also augments hand-eye coordination.

Expressive Corner - Learning aids used- Puppets, books, flash cards and props. Activities such as storytelling, puppetry, singing, viewing picture books and usage of flash cards develops reading and language skills. Children are drawn into conversation and are encouraged to express their feelings and thoughts thereby developing communication skills.

Audio-Visual Corner - Teaching aids used - Musical instruments, CDs, song books Music and moving the body informally provides children with a physical outlet for their energy.

Learning Centers - Math, language, music and art are learnt through observations in nature, construction (building blocks, clay), pretend play, reading and reuse-and-recycle centers. These offer children a place for learning and exploring at their own pace.

Science, Discovery and Explorations through Touch Pool/ Nature walk, experiential learning - Children at this age demonstrate a keen interest in exploring and discovering the world around them. The curriculum provides rich opportunities and stimuli from the immediate environment to encourage observation, investigation, exploration, questioning and documentation of their learning in myriad ways.

Theatre, story telling and puppetry are used to develop the child's social, emotional and communication skills. It is a useful tool during thematic teaching.
Integrated Thematic Teaching - An integrated thematic curriculum views learning and teaching in a holistic way rather than as discrete compartmentalized subjects

Practical before theory for primary and middle block to help comprehend lessons better

Excellent free year round sports coaching in various indoor games

Happy Hours with more than 25 options to choose from in Arts, Music (vocal & instrumental), Dance forms, Pottery. Sculpture etc.

LTA Classes
Days : Monday, Tuesday, Thursday & Friday

Sl. No. LTA
  1. Aerobics
  2. Western and Folk Dance
  3. Kathak
  4. Skating
  5. Karate
  6. Bulbul and Cubs
  7. Yoga
  8. Computer
  9. Quiz (IV & V)
  10. Quiz (VI to VIII)
  11. Public Speaking
  12. Personality Development
  13. Art and Craft
  14. Pottery
  15. Sculpture
  16. Vocal Music
  17. Key Board (IV & V)
  18. Key Board (VI to VIII)
  19. Tabla
  20. Guitar
  21. Flute
  22. Violin
  23. Band
  24. Dramatics

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