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Chronicle for September-2016
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KG Activity Room

Fun-n-learn being our motto of academic delivery system in the KGs, it is therefore essential to provide them appropriate infrastructure to carry out this process. Hand-Eye coordination, mental and motor development, language skills are facilitated through the play-way method in the Activity Room.

Library and Cyber Corner

For the pursuit of knowledge as well as sensitivity towards issues of human concern it is imperative that individuals have access to a dynamic database. The School Library and Cyber Corner serves as the resource centre for the assessing and compilation of such useful information material. With over 15,000 volumes spanning a subject range as diverse as History, Literature, Art, Science, Electronics, Fiction etc and an internet broadband supported network - the area is much in demand for students and staff alike.

Teachers' Resource Centre

Technology aided learning has become a necessary adjunct in the academic process. Both for the updating of knowledge base as well as enhancement of class room concept dealing a teacher in today's times has to be savvy enough to incorporate these elements for better understanding of subjects. The TRC serves as the hub of teachers' experiential learning.

Students' Council

The Students' Council, at a micro level is the prototype of our country's democratic system. In an essentially self reliant set up students understand and perfect the subtle nuances of group dynamics, inter-personal skills, organizational skills, and above all the onus of responsibility. Merit and potential are the prerequisites to qualify as a Council Member and it is an honour that every Sunbeamian aspires for and cherishes.

Experiential Learning Zone

Learning sans practical experience is mere regurgitation of theoretical concepts on paper. In order to effect better understanding and application of learned concepts students are exposed to practical experience in the various laboratories such as Science, Mathematics, Geography, Psychology, Language, Computer, Technology, Environmental Sciences, Multimedia, Applied Art. This zone also provides practical learning facilities for the performing arts such as Vocal Music, Classical Dance, Instrumental Music. The Eco Corner and the Vermi Compost Pit as well as the Quizzers' Lab are yet another dimension of the area.

Career Counselling & Personality Development

Success, as it is defined in today's context is the result of strategic planning and optimum use of innate resources. A well groomed, confident, articulate individual, who is clear about life goals and steps towards achievement of the same, is the objective of all Career Counselling & Personality Development Programmes at Sunbeam. Eminent organizations viz. Derek O'Brien & Associates from Kolkata, The Institute for Career Studies from Lucknow, I Discover I from New Delhi, Young Buzz from Mumbai, The Teacher Foundation from Bangalore have been instrumental in promoting the same.

NCC / Scouts & Guides

Nationalistic pride and patriotic fervor are the corner stones of Sunbeam credo. To inculcate this in the students the NCC and Scouts & Guides are major activities class VII onwards. Regular camps, expeditions, excursions and strenuous training regimes are held concurrent to the curriculum and we are the proud recipients of honours at the National and the International levels. An ancillary unit of this is the School Band whose mellifluous performance can be witnessed on any school occasion.

Hobby Classes

A school is responsible for identifying and nurturing innate potential of a child, we firmly believe that every child can't top the class but can definitely excel in some other area of enterprise. Hobby classes such as Violin, Guitar, Clay Modelling, Public Speaking, Yoga, Aerobics, Western and Classical Dance forms, Skating, Chess, Rifle Shooting and the like not only provide the child respite from regular academics but also act as the catalysts for identifying his/her personal talents.

Note:- Hobby classes started from 5th April 10.

Timing :- 11:30 am to 1:00 pm
Class -II (Monday),
Class III - (Tuesday),
Class IV - (Wednesday),
Class V - (Friday),
Class VI - (Saturday)
Thursday - No hobby class

S.No Hobby Venue Hobby Incharge
1 Key Board Geography Lab Mr. Aurobindo
2 Tabla Tabla Room Mr. Sumit
3 Kathak Dance Room Ms. Madhu & Ms. Shipra
4 Basket Ball Basket Ball Court Mr. Rahul
5 Chess HRC Mr. Rakesh
6 Vocal Music Activity Room Ms. Seema
7 Carrom Sift Building Mr. Abhishekh
8 Table Tennis Table Tennis Room Ms. Priya
9 Guitar Kala Vithika Mr. Sourabh
10 Dance Multipurpose Hall Mr. Raj
11 Public Speaking Multimedia Ms. Jaya, Jayanti & Rati
12 Yoga Room No. 23 Ms. Deepa
13 Aerobics Active Learning Lab Mr. Amit
14 Skating Assembly Ground Mr. Tipu
15 Art Club Jr. Art Room Mr. Love, Ms. Monika
16 Boxing Boxing Ring Mr. Dharmendra
17 Karate Basketball Court Mr. Kamaldeep
18 Craft Club Art Room Ms. Sourabhi, Vinita
19 Taekwando Assembly Ground Mr. Satendra
20 Clay Modeling Near Library Mr. Abhijeet

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