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December Herald 2016
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IMO Medalists and Saviors


Gold Medal Winners 

1.    MANAN MISHRA  of Class I Gold Medal

2.    SATWIK GUPTA of Class III Gold Medal

3.    KABIR ANAND of Class IV Gold Medal

4.    NANDINI KUMARI of Class V Gold Medal

5.    ROHIT KUMAR VERMA of Class VI Gold Medal

6.    SATYAM JAISWAL of Class VII Gold Medal

7.    ASHISH KUMAR of Class VIII  Gold Medal

8.    UDIT KHEMKA of Class IX  Gold Medal

9.    VISHAL RAI of Class IX  Gold Medal

10 SACHIN KUMAR of Class X Gold Medal


Silver Medal Winners 

1.      IDHAYA BHARDWAJ of Class III 

2.      RISHITA SINGH  of Class IV 

3.      TANISHQ GINODIA of Class V 

4.      SHIV CHANDRA RAJ of Class VI  

5.      VIKASH KUMAR GUPTA of Class VII  


7.      ASHUTOSH KUMAR of Class IX 

8.      SAKSHI RAJ of Class X 

Bronze Medal Winners 

1.      ADITYA KUMAR of Class III 

2.      SUSHANT KUMAR  of Class IV 

3.      ARADHYA RAJ of Class V 

4.      AVANTIKA SINGH of Class VI  

5.      AJEET KUMAR YADAV of Class VII 

6.      SAURABH KUMAR of Class VIII

7.      KUSHAGRA AGRAWAL of Class X 

Also, along with the IMO winners, the Saviors Toppers- Chandan Singh of class VII and Gargi Chaurasia of class 5, were honored

 School  Spell Bee Contest Winners

1. Tanu Mishra of Class IX got 3rd Rank 
2. Shaily Ranjan of class X got the 5th Rank 
3. Pulkit Jhunjhunwala of Class II got 7th Rank

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