Dy.Director's Message & Profile

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The Sunbeam Schools since the last 4 decades and more have made a pioneering contribution to furthering knowledge and understanding, as well as helping thousands of students  achieve their  true potential.While the schools have in many respects changed greatly from the one that started at Ravindrapuri all those years ago, our fundamental purpose remains the same - to benefit society through the advancement of knowledge. In that sense, this campaign is about much more than just being mere schools.We have already made an impressive journey, and while there remains muh more to do, I am confident that with the support of our entire community of staff, students, alumni and friends worldwide, we will see Sunbeam become an even stronger institution in the years to come.

It has been my pure pleasure and privilege to be able to guide the development of Sunbeam to the amazing schools we have today. We have well and truly fulfilled our founding vision of creating  prototype schools that will transform education.Founded on principles and values that are universal to all the great faiths, Sunbeam Schools are committed to supporting parents to raise the next generation of leaders. One of our core values at Sunbeam is that students come first. The accent is very firmly on ensuring their achievement and progression.

 “Whatever we have achieved may immense and encouraging,
            Whatever we plan to attain will be stunning and outstanding.”    
Amrita Burman
Deputy Director
 Mrs. Amrita Burman, is Deputy Director, Sunbeam Group Of Educational Institutions , Varanasi . She heads the group which has 6 Sunbeam Schools in Varanasi and 8 Associate schools and has been instrumental in developing Sunbeam’s successful curriculum and delivery system called the’ Sunbeam Precept’ .A certified Internal Auditor for Inspection of ISO 9001:2000 systems by NQAQSR ,she is also a Certified Quality Circle Trainer by Jenny Mosley Foundation, U.K. and Teacher Foundation, Bangalore. She has been part of several seminars and workshops including Exercising leadership in school by idiscoveri, New Delhi, Strategic Leadership Program organized by CBSE and conducted by ETMA, Educational Leadership conducted by Principles for Principals. Etc. She is an expert in Integrated Blended Learning Designs (iBLD).She has also travelled abroad extensively in individual capacity and also as part of educational delegations exploring possibilities. She is a Consultant editor of 'Seasons', classes I-VIII English series by Pearson Longman and a member of the panel of consultants for Pearson Learning Solution and for Sunbeam Eduserve Private Limited.
She has conducted several workshops for teachers and administrators all over.
She was one of the eminent educationists recently honoured with the ‘Educational Leadership Award’ by Institute of Career Studies Lucknow.